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Genius Recipes

A Genius recipe simplifies a cooking technique, swaps in an unexpected ingredient, or just sounds unbelievable (but works!). Stay tuned for a fresh discovery from Kristen Miglore every Wednesday.

Genius Recipes

Big Little Recipes

Biggest flavor, littlest ingredient list. Dreamed up by recipe developer Emma Laperruque, each new creation (like five-ingredient chili and three-ingredient croissant brittle) arrives every Tuesday.

Big Little Recipes

Dear Test Kitchen

Inspired by the Food52 Hotline, Test Kitchen Director Josh Cohen answers our community’s must-know questions. Swing by on Thursdays to learn a thing or eight—and take home some A+ recipe ideas, too.

Dear Test Kitchen

More Ketchup, Please

More Ketchup, Please

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In addition to our weekly shows, we make other videos. Like, a lot of other videos. Find your new favorite dinner, learn a new technique, and much more.

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